Supported Independent Living or SIL is a kind of support that helps National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants live independently in their own home. It shouldn’t be confused with SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) which refers to the house itself and modifications within the home.

SIL is not about any physical features of your home but refers to the supports you’ll receive when living in your home. With SIL disability accommodation on the Gold Coast, you’ll feel a part of a community and gain independence, while living in a supportive and caring environment. Supported Independent Living services are best suited for people with elevated support needs who need assistance in daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, and other activities.

In addition, you can choose to live in your own home or share housing and living costs with other NDIS participants who also have SIL funding. We want to make sure you’ll be as comfortable as possible and have the right amount of support services suited to your needs and NDIS goals. This is a flexible support type as Housing, Accommodation and Supported Independent Living services offer support from 20 hours per week to 24 hours per day.

Supported Independent Living explained.

Gold Coast Disability Homes

UDC can provide a service on the Gold Coast that offers a safe and comfortable home suited to your needs with qualified Support Workers who listen to your living preferences. We have SIL home vacancies available immediately on the Gold Coast.

These vacancies are generally a room in a shared home. With shared SIL housing, we always ensure that all tenants get along with each other. It is important to us that you have the right housemates and the right home as we always want to make sure that the people we support live in a happy and harmonious environment. Therefore, we always make sure that all tenants have shared interests and enjoy living together in a shared home. In some cases, our Gold Coast SIL houses have rooms with a private ensuite bathroom and a walk-in-robe while some houses have shared bathrooms.

You can always let us know what your preference is when you start looking for the perfect SIL home. Most SIL houses are air-conditioned, and some rooms even have their own private living space. There are also shopping options available in close proximity to most our Supported Independent Living homes. Our current Gold Coast vacancies are located centrally in Pacific Pines, Pimpama, Elanora, and Upper Coomera. Make sure to contact us about any of our SIL vacancies on the Gold Coast.

Benefits of shared NDIS SIL housing

The main benefit for SIL disability housing is that it enables the people we support to live independently. Many of the people we support have also found lifelong friends from their SIL housemates. As we always try to match people with similar interests, it is very likely that you and your housemates will get along very well from the beginning.

Of course, there can be some challenges with the communal areas and their usage but generally most of the people we support find SIL housing to be very beneficial for their wellbeing and social skills. With your newfound freedom that comes with independent living, you can also be more socially active in other areas. Our Support Workers can still take you to your regular Community Access programs when you live in a SIL house.

Depending on your location, we also offer NDIS Day Programs with a variety of activities from cooking, music lessons, exercise classes to drama clubs. You can also choose a SIL home that is close to where you work, close to your family or close to any other activities important to you.

Supported Independent Living house on the Gold Coast.
UDC SIL house on the Gold Coast.

NDIS Disability Accommodation

If you feel nervous about moving into a SIL home for the first time, just remember that our Support Coordinators, Support Workers and other staff are there to guide you and support you in any way we can. We want you to be as happy as possible in your new SIL home.

It is important that you learn new skills and build your independence, but you also need to make sure the independence is balanced with the right amount of support. It can be difficult to share a house with others but it can also be very rewarding. With the right support that is tailored to your needs and NDIS goals, you can make sure to choose the right SIL home and housemates.

By combining services such as Support Coordination and Plan Management with UDC, we can make sure we have the best possible chance to help you build your life and independence the way you prefer. If you don’t know where to start, it is best to contact your NDIS Support Coordinator and they will be able to point you to the right direction to find the best SIL home options on the Gold Coast.