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At United Disability, we want to go to the next level of helping the people we support by making their dreams a reality. We all deserve to love our lives and live our dreams. Sometimes we just need a little help to figure out how to make it happen.

Loving our life means something different to everyone. For some, it is just as easy as feeling we are heard, having something to look forward to and having great stories to share with friends.

Our Mission

If you receive support services from United Disability Care, we’d love to have a conversation about your dreams. With your family, friends or support worker, write down what your you’d love to do. Support team – let’s all get behind this mission to help them Register their Dream.

Only people that receive support services from United Disability Care can register their dream – which can be done by filling in the form on this page.

Tell us your dream, why you want to do it and why you have not been able to do it so far. Is it a dream you have had for a while or something you have always wanted to do in your life? We will do our very best to comply with the spirit of the request. However, UDC does reserve the right to say no. All dreams that are registered will be considered. Please send through as much detail as possible.

Register Your Dream

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We Want To Help Make Your Dream A Reality

Is there something you have always wanted to do?

Do you have a dream activity?

Whether your dream involves something to do, a place to see, or an event to attend, we at United Disability will strive to bring it to life. We can also help people with a disability get an instrument, game or item that you have always dreamed of having. Our disability support services are available in Brisbane,  Logan,  the Gold Coast,  the Tweed Coast,  Byron Shire,  Coffs Harbour, Maitland, Gawler and surrounding regions. Of course, we strive to help people living with disabilities throughout Australia realise their dreams and lead fulfilling lives.

What is your dream?

Want to take an adventure in the wild, visit a place of significance or go to a special event? Looking to learn fulfilling new skills and want the training to achieve this? We can help!

Do you love the water? – Would you like to go on a speed, fishing, or sailing boat? Want to take a day trip to the beach for a swim or go under the water diving or snorkelling? Perhaps you want to go whale watching or swimming with the dolphins on the East Coast? We will strive to make it happen!

Do you love the mountains? Do you dream of going horseback riding or on a walking adventure inland? Want to take some photos from the top of a lookout with the nice drive to get there?

Do you love the tourist attractions? Want to visit the Big Banana, the Big Shrimp, the Big Pineapple or the Big Lobster or all of them? Do you dream of going to the car races or attending local Festivals? Did you always want to fly in a helicopter or float up in a hot air balloon? We can bring these dreams to life. Our disability carers on the Gold Coast and surrounds also arrange trips to local theme parks.

Do you love animals? Do you dream about seeing a huge tiger, feeding the kangaroos, being close to the sharks or cuddling a koala? If the Zoo or animal park is near you and you can make it a day trip, we can help with tickets and animal experiences.

Do you love the arts and shows? Is your favourite band playing in your area? Do you dream of going to a theatre and seeing the shows on the stage? There are so many art festivals on year-round.

If you want us to bring these dreams to life, register on this page. We will go the extra mile to make it happen.

Greg and his daughter Kristyn

Where did ‘Love your Life and Live your Dreams’ come from?

Greg O’Donnell joined the United Disability team in 2018 to assist families with applying for their NDIS supports after his daughter Kristyn, 31, passed away from a very rare degenerative disease. Kristyn had been in United Disability’s care for a long time and her passion and optimism touched the hearts of our staff. Kristyn was determined that her illness would not control her life, and she went out into the world to actively make sure all her dreams came true. This continued even after she became confined to a wheelchair.

CEO Sylvia Capps said that ‘Kristyn had her own motto, which is ‘Love your Life, Live Your Dreams’. We thought that would be perfect as our company “Mission”, but at the time this was just words on paper. Then, we realised that we could really make sure people truly love their lives and live their dreams’. With Greg‘s help the ‘Register your Dream’ concept was created as a way to honour Kristyn’s passion for making the world a better place for those living with disabilities, and to encourage the people we support to dream big.

UDC t-shirts in a cupboard

Donations for a Worthy Cause

To be able to pay for each registered dream, we needed to raise the necessary money. We received some very generous donations to get started and some staff donate a small amount each week from their wages. To ensure a steady stream of funds, Sylvia created the printed t-shirts, which are our fundraising tools to ensure there is enough money to cover each dream item or activity as needed. We will do everything we can to make sure the people we support can have their dreams come true.

Greg passed away in June 2020 and the O’Donnell legacy of ‘Love your Life and Live Your Dreams’ is honoured on every t-shirt. These shirts are still available and can be purchased via donation here

We managed to make many dreams come true in 2020, including swimming with dolphins, a trip to a family wedding, seeing supercars live, snorkelling, boat trips, new bikes, spa days and many more.

We look forward to making more dreams become reality in 2022.

Register Your Dream

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