Exceptional Disability Care Services

At United Disability Care, we provide exceptional disability care in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, the Tweed Coast, and surrounding regions. Our staffs are passionate about helping the people in our care develop new skills, reach their goals, and maximise their independence.

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The day programs we facilitate include café outings, art gallery excursions, shipping trips, lawn bowls and pamper days.

We provide support to people with both high and complex mental health needs. Our services are available in supported independent living (SIL) accommodation, as well as the wider community.

To help you get optimal results from your NDIS plan, we offer an array of plan management services. We are committed to giving you the best possible understanding and control over your NDIS services.

Our team are committed to locating safe and comfortable accommodation for people living with disabilities. We will spare no effort to help you find the house and roommates that are best suited to your needs.

We are committed to helping the people in our care go about day-to-day life with dignity. That’s why we offer assistance with laundry, housekeeping, hygiene, meal preparation, budgeting and other key tasks.

Learn a range of skills to help you engage with the community. These include volunteering, communication skills, social skills, pre-vocation skills, leisure activity skills and many more.

Our support coordinators can help you better understand your NDIS plan, as well as negotiate and liaise with government bodies on your behalf. Assistance with annual plan reviews is also available.

We offer behavioural and therapeutic clinical support services. These include skills training, quality of life improvement services, effective communication support and much more.

See the properties we currently have vacant. We are committed to helping the people in our care locate comfortable accommodation that is in harmony with their specific needs.


Our team offer an array of services in alignment with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We help people with disabilities access services, as well as receive funded supports.

Review a list of all the prices associated with the NDIS. New prices are outlined in an updated price guide, effective on the first of July each year.

Our team will provide comprehensive guidance and support for your unique NDIS pathway. We can assist with fund management, community linkage and strategies that will help you meet your goals.

Planning for your NDIS meeting can be daunting. Fortunately, we can provide you with comprehensive support throughout the entire process, as well as plan management assistance.


Over the years, our team have coordinated awesome events for the people in our care. These have included dance parties, BBQs, iFly experiences and much more.

Keep up to date with company news and policies with our newsletter. They also feature staff profiles, inspirational stories and information about upcoming events.

We always put the safety and wellbeing of the people in our care first. As such, we always ensure that COVID-19 regulations are meticulously adhered to at all times.

If you would like to contribute your time and talents to United Disability, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team today to discover how you can get involved.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping people living with a disability bring their dreams to life. Whether you want to learn an instrument, go to an event, or take an unforgettable holiday, register your dream with us.

If you would like to make a contribution towards the hard work we do, you can donate to our organisation here.


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