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We Streamline NDIS Disability Coordination Support for Your Needs

Do you need help understanding the support options that are available to you with your NDIS plan

At United Disability Care, our disability care providers in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, and the Tweed Coast can help you to get the most out of your plan. We offer comprehensive NDIS support coordination for your unique requirements. 

How Can An NDIS Support Coordinator Help Me?

NDIS Support Coordinators can help you understand your NDIS funding and budget and what is available to you in order to achieve your individual goals.

They understand all areas of NDIS funding and can connect you with support providers and therapists to meet your needs. NDIS support coordinators know how to maximise your funding and get the most out of your supports.

They can support you in talking to the NDIS during your plan reviews, assist you if you disagree with an NDIS decision or highlight that your support needs may have changed.

An NDIS support coordinator will assist you in taking steps towards fulfilling your goals and keeping track of progress.

NDIS Support Coordinators Connecting You

If you need to connect with an OT, speech therapist or other health professionals, the NDIS Support Coordinator has a wide network of providers in your area to help you make an appointment for the person that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for a new wheelchair or other items that assist you with your mobility or disability, the NDIS Support Coordinator can help you make a case to the NDIS to get the right funding.

Your NDIS Supports Coordinator can help you with:

  • Understanding your NDIS plan to identify the supports that are available to you
  • Determining monthly & weekly budgets aligned to your plan support categories
  • Maximising your funding by obtaining quotes for services, equipment & home modifications where required
  • Coordinating service agreements & service delivery with service providers
  • Negotiating & liaising with government, NDIA & other agencies
  • Resolving any issues that may arise with service providers
  • Your annual plan review, requesting early plan review or to submit a change of circumstances to the NDIA
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What Our NDIS Support Coordinators Assist With

Many of our NDIS Support Coordinators started their careers as disability support workers and have a good understanding of people living with a disability. Over the years they have gained a lot of experience with NDIS processes and are across the latest NDIS rules and guidelines.

If you’re looking for someone that can provide some clarity, an NDIS Support Coordinator is the right person to help you navigate the NDIS. Our team members specialise in psycho-social disability/mental health, SIL and SDA, physical disability, intellectual disability, acquired brain injury, stroke, sensory disability, and degenerative conditions.

Navigate the NDIS Support Coordinator Landscape

We are committed to ensuring the people we support have the right documentation ready for their NDIS plan reviews. Helping them to understand the requirements and the best way to collate the right information to help identify the correct level and areas of funding for their needs.

The NDIS has really changed the landscape of the disability sector. There are more options available for people living with disabilities than ever before. However, like everything new, it takes a while to fully understand the system and how to get the most out of what is available.

Sometimes the smallest of changes can make the biggest impact on the quality of life for the people we support.

If you would like more information about our disability support services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounds, please contact info@uniteddisability.com.au or call 1300 454 850. We will put you in touch with our Support Coordinators in the team.

Plan Review

Your plan is reviewed annually, and your NDIS Support Coordinator can work with your Plan Manager. The review is to ensure the services are meeting your needs and that the allocations for services match your budget. You can request an early plan review if you feel your current plan isn’t meeting your needs.