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Providing Round-The-Clock Support

Concierge supported independent living (SIL) at United Disability Care offers residents greater control and choice over their day-to-day support. 

Our model provides the 24-hour presence of on-call support workers (concierge staff), regardless of the individual’s disability level or support needs.

The Choice Is Yours

Residents can select specific times to use their on-site concierge staff (as outlined in their NDIS Plan) while balancing this with daily supports from their preferred providers. Whether residents choose concierge staff and daily SIL staff from the same or different organisations, the choice is theirs. This approach gives residents control over who assists with their daily scheduled needs, such as meal preparation and personal care, while the concierge service offers:

  • On-call overnight support
  • Unexpected support
  • Emergency support
  • Extra person support, like assistance with hoist transfers
  • Day-to-day tasks if opting for a single provider rather than several

Concierge model housing is typically in an apartment-style property with staff located in a separate space within the same building.

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Live Independently Today

UDC offers individualised concierge disability support that complements your lifestyle. Our aim is to help individuals live independently while receiving personalised and high-quality support. Our concierge-style services allow for increased independence while offering residents the safety and security they need.

The SIL concierge model enables a group of individuals to live independently, with privacy, in their own SDA apartments. UDC offers a wide range of high-quality disability support services for concierge living. Our expertise and experience ensure that our clients receive the best possible care.

At UDC, we help the people we support to love their lives and live their dreams. For more information about SIL or our current vacancies, contact us.

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With Our Concierge Model, you can:

  • Live Independently in your own SDA Apartment
  • Receive personalised support services designed to empower you
  • Enjoy privacy while having access to assistance when needed
  • Benefit from our expertise and experience to assistance when needed

At United Disability Care, we prioritise your well-being and independence. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care and support, helping you lead a fulfilling life on your terms. Onsite overnight assistance (OOA) gives you the freedom to bring your own supports during the day. Don’t wait any longer to experience the freedom and support you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our Concierge Model and how we can assist you in achieving your goals of independent living.

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