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Disability Assisted Daily Living

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Maximising Independence With Assisted Daily Living

Do you need some assistance with your daily living tasks?

Tell us what you want help with around your home—whether it’s a few hours a day or every day of the week. Together, we can work out a plan on what you need support with, from having a shower and cooking dinner to cleaning the house or doing the washing.

Support provided will be included as part of your NDIS management plan, depending on the level of support you require to live independently in the housing option of your choice. At United Disability Care, we provide support for assisted living on the Gold Coast, the Tweed Coast, Brisbane, Logan, and surrounding areas.

Assistance With Daily Life Tailored To Your Needs

Tell us what you need, your preferences, requirements, and goals. We are dedicated to helping each person we support to lead a life of choice, live their dreams, and maximise their independence.

Our disability support professionals provide:

  • Personal care
  • Help with laundry
  • House cleaning help
  • Bed making assistance
  • Medication management
  • Regular exercise & fitness services
  • Essential community access
  • Help with budgeting & financial responsibilities
  • Meal preparation
  • Healthy food selection
  • Daily household tasks

Depending on the funding in your NDIS plan and your personal goals, we will assist you to take responsibility for your day to day living and choose the lifestyle you want.

Man in Wheelchair Looking At The Sky
NDIS Support Worker Helping With Physiotherapy

Personalised Assisted Living Services for Day-to-Day Life

Getting a personalised assistance with daily living plan means your team have listened to you and created an individualised program. This program will help you take responsibility for your day-to-day living in areas such as washing your clothes, preparing meals, cleaning the house, managing your finances and personal hygiene.

We want to help every person we support to build their independence, get involved with their community and grow in their education and development.

Through Supported Independent Living (SIL), we will help you with and assist with daily tasks. We are committed to helping you develop the skills to live as independently as possible, providing personal care and domestic assistance.