Facilitating Community Participation on the Gold Coast & Surrounds

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Engage With The Community

Social and civic participation programs provide flexible opportunities for people to engage in their community and enjoy a range of purposeful, recreational and leisure activities. These are tailored to each person’s goals and aspirations.

When you would like to get out and about, but need some assistance or company, we’ll be here to assist you. Community participation includes activities that are age and culturally appropriate for the individuals we care for. Our programs focus on the following types of activities:

  • Skills development
  • Transition to work
  • Supported employment, including vocational activities
  • Recreation & leisure
  • Education & community participation

Do you like going to the movies, shopping or enjoying nature? Tell us which activities you like and one of our lovely support workers will ensure you feel safe and comfortable when you’re out in the community enjoying leisure activities. At United Disability Care, we support people in Brisbane,  Logan,  the Gold Coast,  the Tweed Coast,  Byron Shire,  Coffs Harbour, Maitland, Gawler and surrounding region.

Cultivating Confidence

What are your goals and aspirations during your free time? Do you need help accessing your local community, getting to work or volunteering, getting to the gym, TAFE or University? Whatever it is you would like to do, we will be there in the background when you need us, to ensure you can meet those goals independently.

One-on-one support encourages independence and life skill development, increasing the ability of individuals to self-manage their social interactions and community participation.

All programs are designed to facilitate a level of independence that enables a gradual building of skills. In addition, this is constantly reinforced in day-to-day living by support workers, which is in line with the philosophy of United Disability.

Activities are designed for the individual in a one-on-one supportive setting, based on unique needs and goals. Individuals are encouraged and supported to maintain their social networks.

Community participation assists in building confidence, knowledge and experience for each of the individuals in our care. Our team are committed to helping people with disabilities reach their goals and contribute their unique talents to the community.

Man On Wheelchair Going Inside Car — Disability Support Services in Robina, QLD
Man On Wheelchair Planting — Disability Support Services in Robina, QLD

What We Support

We would like to be with you on your journey where you lead the way to get to where you want to be. Talk to us today about your aspirations, whether that’s: 

  • Meeting people
  • Sitting by the ocean
  • Enjoying a coffee
  • Volunteering
  • Gaining everyday living skills
  • Working on social or communication skills
  • Experiencing culture
  • Attending events & concerts
  • Attending meetings & appointments
  • Going shopping
  • Going on a holiday
  • Finding work
  • Learning a musical instrument
  • Going to the gym & improving mobility
  • Going to the physio or the pool
  • Experiencing nature

Transition to employment is a program that aims to provide support required to develop the individual’s skills to obtain and sustain meaningful paid or unpaid employment. United Disability provides a structured approach to working with individuals and their families to support their transition to satisfying employment. The program structure includes an initial assessment, ongoing and regular reviews for the successful transition to the workforce.

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