So, you may have a new NDIS plan or maybe you’re in the process of getting one approved. This process can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to understand. If you need help with the application process, it is best to contact the NDIA and seek help from your nearest NDIA office. Once your plan has come through, you need to choose how you’re going to deal with the financial side of things. In other words, how will you be paying for services and therapies that are charged under your NDIS plan? This is where a Plan Manager can come in.

What is Plan Management? Plan Management explained.

The role of the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or the NDIS is a government scheme that funds supports related to disabilities. The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) is responsible for implementing the NDIS. This agency determines who will be eligible for an NDIS plan and therefore receiving financial support to pay for daily living costs, therapies, assistive technology, assistance with community participation and more.

How can your NDIS plan be managed?

Plan Management is one of the three ways your NDIS plan can be managed. Some describe it as the ‘financial mediator’; Plan Managers are the connection between the NDIA and the NDIS participant.

The other ways your NDIS plan can be managed include agency management (NDIA) and self-management. Agency management is when the NDIA will pay service providers in your behalf. If you choose this method, you can only use registered service providers, such as UDC. If you choose self-management, you will personally be responsible for paying for services you use out of your NDIS funding but you’ll have more choice with service providers.

Your plan can also be managed by a mixture of these methods. For example, you could choose to have a part of your plan managed by a Plan Manager and manage the remaining part yourself. When choosing the right method for you, consider the time you’re willing to put in of the management of your funds and if you’ll need more assistance with paying invoices. This will ensure you select the method best suited to your needs.


What do Plan Managers do?

A Plan Manager assists you in the financial management of your NDIS plan and its funds. If you’re new to the scheme, it can be overwhelming know how to best navigate through it all and how to pay for the services you have used. Plan Managers help you with paperwork, pay providers, assist in increasing your choice of services, track your funds, support you in building skills for self-management and more. They will arrange prompt payments in your behalf. This means that you won’t need to worry about handling any payments to providers that you use. You will also have the benefit of having an NDIS Plan Manager looking after your total budget so you can better track your spending. It is important to remember that a Plan Manager won’t assist you to determine what supports are reasonable and necessary for you. These supports have been determined by the NDIA in the planning stage of your plan. The Plan Manager’s role is then to make sure that these supports are implemented as planned.

Why choose a Plan Manager?

The purpose of the NDIS is to provide greater independence and more choice and control over their lives for people with a disability. Supports funded by your NDIS plan include assisted daily living activities, housing and accommodation services, positive behaviour support, and social and community participation. Great Plan Managers are equitable and won’t try to sway you towards any specific providers. You should always have the choice and control over your NDIS plan. There is specific funding in your plan for this service, which means choosing to have your plan taken care of by a Plan Manager, won’t affect other types of funding in your plan. You will receive additional funds to pay the expense of having a Plan Manager should you choose to go for this option.


NDIS Plan Management at UDC

UDC’s NDIS Plan Managers are a team dedicated, skilled and most of all caring professionals who work collaboratively to ensure your funding is maximised. Our Plan Management team is experienced in both financial services and the disability sector to ensure we can provide the best possible service to you through our thorough understanding of the NDIS. If your dedicated Plan Manager is unavailable, we will always have someone to assist with any questions you may have. So, you’re never left to work out complicated matters on your own. UDC’s Plan Managers take care of claims, process payments, keep track of your budget and provide financial reporting as needed. This assists us in having a detailed understanding of your plan spending and ensures you are getting services implemented as planned.