Support Coordination or CoS or Coordination of Supports is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funded support. If you receive Support Coordination in your NDIS plan, it is usually included under your Capacity Building budget. As most NDIS funded supports, the inclusion of Support Coordination in your plan depends on your individual goals and needs. The NDIA will determine whether including Support Coordination to your plan is ‘reasonable and necessary’ for you to reach your NDIS goals.

Support Coordination aims to help NDIS participants get the most benefit out of their funding. A UDC Support Coordinator can help you find out how to best use your funds and connect to you to the right service providers. Our Support Coordinators ensure that your NDIS plan is used in the best possible way to support your goals and to build capacity by executing choice and control.

Once you have found the right Support Coordinator, it is your choice how you would like to communicate with them. Communication can be arranged via regular meetings or via phone or video calls. These meetings or calls will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your plan. Your Support Coordinator will work with you to help you get connected with supports that are right for you, create a plan on how to utilise these supports and your NDIS funding in order to achieve your goals.

In some cases, there may be limits to what you can claim or you may need a quote for a specific service. This is when your Support Coordinator will help you to understand what you can do with your funding and even assist you in acquiring quotes.

Support Coordinators at United Disability Care Office
Support Coordinators at UDC office.

Levels of Support Coordination

Depending on your goals and individual circumstances there are three levels of Support Coordination that may be included in your NDIS plan. The different levels are briefly explained below.

Support Connection

Support Connection is about helping you in connecting with the right supports in the community. This support will enable you to reach towards your goals in the best possible way and will assist you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination helps you to build the skills and understanding so you can make the most out of your NDIS plan. Support Coordinators assist you to deepen your understanding of your plan and the NDIS as a whole. The better you understand how your plan works, the better you’ll be able to utilise different types of supports available to you. Moreover, Support Coordinators will help in connecting you to the right NDIS providers and ensure you’ll receive the supports you need.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination focuses on NDIS participants with higher and more complex needs. Specialist Support Coordinators are highly trained and able to manage complex challenges and situations. In addition, they will assure that you receive services in a consistent manner that compliments your NDIS goals.

Support Coordinator and NDIS participant
Support Coordinators help NDIS participants use their plan.

How Support Coordinators can help

There are many ways your Support Coordinator can help you to make the most out of your NDIS plan. Support Coordinators will help you to connect and access the supports needed. They will also help you to negotiate services, produce service agreements and service bookings, help with support budgeting, get value for the supports you receive and help resolve any arising issues.

With the help of a UDC Support Coordinator, you’ll be able to understand your NDIS plan better, which will in turn allow you to exercise more ‘choice and control’ over your NDIS plan and the supports you receive.

What is Included in Support Coordination

While our Support Coordinators do a lot of work for their participants, some aspects are NOT a part of their role. Support Coordinators won’t help with rostering and intake processes (nor should they be charging participants for this).

In addition, NDIS Support Coordinators shouldn’t charge for items that could be covered by NDIS Plan Management. That is to say that NDIS providers such as UDC will take care that these two services are clearly separate from each other.

The most important aspects of Support Coordination include, knowledge of NDIS plans and terminology, connecting the participant to providers, problem-solving, and providing ‘choice and control’ to the participants. UDC Support Coordinators are highly skilled in building relationships and managing challenges.

Additionally, our Support Coordinators are knowledgeable in NDIS in general, compassionate and have a high level of understanding of different disabilities. The right Support Coordinator will help you to build your confidence and skills to ensure you know how to utilise your NDIS plan.

Support Coordinator and participants.
CoS or Coordination of Supports.

Benefits of NDIS Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators will bring a great deal of knowledge and experience when dealing with your NDIS plan. Additionally, UDC Support Coordinators have a wide network of existing connections for trustworthy service providers that may be able to assist you with your NDIS goals.

The additional guidance and advice you’ll receive from your Support Coordinator will ensure you can feel confident about your decisions. Moreover, your Support Coordinator will help you to manage your service agreements, assist in NDIS Plan Review meetings, and help in keeping track of your NDIS funds.

There are lots of other wonderful benefits a UDC Support Coordinator can offer, so make sure to contact us today with any additional questions you may have. Feel free to call our friendly team on 1300 454 850 or contact us through our website.