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NDIS Plan Management Providing Clarity & Supporting Peace of Mind

Plan management services are available to help you with the financial tasks associated with your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.

This service enables you to get the most out of your plan, without having to worry about the administrative burden.

We offer plan management for the NDIS in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, the Tweed Heads, Byron Shire, Coffs Harbour, Maitland, Gawler and surrounding region.

Understanding your NDIS plan and its budget, finding the right supports and services, as well as taking care of the day-to-day administration involved in managing your plan can be daunting.

At United Disability, we understand this and will provide you with a network of qualified Support Coordinators and Plan Managers.

These plan management services are available to support you to effectively communicate your needs and goals and assist with day-to-day financial management of your plan.

What is an NDIS Plan Manager?

The most basic definition of plan management calls it a ‘financial intermediary’ support. This means that all plan managers serve as a connection between an NDIS participant, the providers and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Plan management is about having a third party to communicate with your service providers and pay invoices on your behalf, keep track of your funds and the financial reporting for you. The NDIS Plan Manager then claims directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

If you choose to be plan-managed, your designated NDIS Plan Manager will be funded under your specific plan and must be an NDIS registered provider, which United Disability is. If you would like to have a registered plan management provider oversee your needs, enquire at your scheduled planning meeting.

Old man and woman talking to NDIS Plan Manager on park bench
NDIS Plan Manager Helping Disabled Man Cook Food

What Will Your NDIS Plan Manager Do?

  • Pay your providers for the supports you purchase
  • Help you to keep track of your funds & advise balances
  • Take care of financial reporting to NDIA for you
  • Pay your service providers directly


  • Pay your invoices fast
  • Explain how you can spend your funding
  • Take your phone calls to answer questions
  • Reply to your emails and keep in touch

NDIS Plan Managers Providing the Support You Need

Just who manages your plan is entirely up to you. We want to ensure you feel you are in control of your lifestyle. Our disability care providers are in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, the Tweed Coast, Byron Shire, Coffs Harbour, Maitland, Gawler and the surrounding region. will support you in any way they can. We will endeavour to provide you with the best service possible whilst you entrust us to manage your NDIS funding.

At United Disability, we have friendly and approachable staff who will do their very best to make sure you get the most out of the services available to you.

“I enjoy being a Plan Manager and making a difference in our clients lives. It's so great to be part of the process when someone is achieving their goals”

What Is Plan Management?

NDIS plan management is when a provider supports you to manage funding in your NDIS plan. These providers are known as NDIS Plan Managers.

The NDIA will provide funding in your plan to pay for a Plan Manager who pays your providers for you, helps you keep track of your funds, and takes care of your budget.

At your planning meeting, you can tell the NDIS staff that you would like a Plan Manager to support you.  The NDIS will include funding in your plan to pay for your Plan Manager which is separate from other services and supports in your budget.

Once you have been given the funding, you will be at liberty to find a Plan Manager who will best suit your needs.

Why Have A NDIS Plan Manager?

NDIS plan management is an effective way to handle your NDIS program. Your Plan Manager is a NDIS-registered provider who navigates the system on your behalf. They help you to make the most of your funding, so you can achieve your goals.

Your Plan Manager will:

  • Take invoices and pay providers for you
  • Make claims through the NDIS portal
  • Assist you with budgeting and keeping track of your funds
  • Handle all required financial reporting on your behalf
  • Help you develop skills, if you ever plan to transition to self-management, and;
  • Help you choose and coordinate your providers (i.e. therapists) if your plan allows for this
  • Save you time by dealing with your providers and giving independent guidance when needed.

It’s important to remember it costs you nothing, Plan Management fees do not come out of your support budget, The funds are calculated in addition to your care needs and paid for separately by NDIS.

Rear View Of Elderly Man In Wheelchair with NDIS Plan Manager

Why Choose A United Disability NDIS Plan Manager?

At United Disability, we are extremely passionate about what we do. We are committed to working with you, to make your journey with the NDIS simpler.

Our experienced NDIS Plan Management Officers take the time to get to know you and to understand your unique circumstances. Working with your best interests at heart, your Plan Management Officer ensures you get the most out of your funding.

We believe in taking a collaborative approach to managing your funds. This enables you to select your preferred service providers, while the administrative side of things is taken care of.

Most importantly, our plan management team is committed to helping you meet your personal goals.

We act as a financial intermediary between you and your service providers by providing the following:

  • Knowledgeable staff who are easy to talk to and who listen to your needs.
  • Answers to any NDIS related questions with regards to what is covered by your NDIS plan.
  • Regular payment of your supports and submission of claims to the NDIS portal.  UDC completes two supplier pay runs per week ensuring that your suppliers are paid correctly and on time.
  • A detailed monthly statement which helps you track your spend against your NDIS budget.  We will advise you as soon as we identify that you will overspend or underspend

Once you have NDIS plan management as part of your funding, we can help you manage your funds and negotiate better prices while you retain autonomy over decisions.  It’s simple!

NDIS Plan Management FAQs

While often confused, there’s a key difference between NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators.

  • A Plan Manager acts as your NDIS accountant. They allow you to self-manage your plan without the stress of paying bills and budget management.
  • The Support Coordinator manages your support workers and suppliers. Whether you’re plan-managed, NDIA-managed, or self-managed, you’ll receive a Support Coordinator if the NDIS deems it necessary.

In short, your Plan Manager helps you navigate the financial aspects of your plan, while your Support Coordinator manages your support and providers.

Yes. With the NDIS, you can opt for either a self-managed, NDIS-managed, or plan-managed NDIS plan. If you wish to add plan management to your plan, you can submit a special request to the NDIA requesting an early review.

Yes. Provided you comply with the notice periods in the Plan Manager’s Service Agreement.

Self-management you do everything yourself, you are in full control over your supports and all the finances. By self-managing you must:

  • Open a separate bank account
  • Keep records of all your invoices and receipts for up to five years
  • Pay your service providers (sometimes out of pocket before submitting NDIS claim)
  • Claim from the NDIS portal
  • Manage your remaining budgets.

Plan Management you get similar benefits to self-management but you don’t have to do any of the admin for your plan. You can use both registered and non-registered providers but are bound by the upper price limits in the NDIS price guide.

Plan management is free to all NDIS participants with all fees paid by the NDIS. Plan Managers are NDIS registered providers who provide financial administrative services to NDIS participants. Your Plan Manager At a minimum will:

  • Keep all your records in case of audit
  • Claim from the NDIS on your behalf and pay your providers
  • Reimburse any invoices or receipts for services you have paid out of your pocket
  • Give you updates on remaining budget amounts

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